Kevin Edward Turner


Kevin Turner was a pupil at the school I led in Partington.

His mother moved herself and the three children into a Council house on the Wood Lane Estate cos they lived in fear.

I secured a week’s residence from the Northern Ballet Theatre Company and they saw Kevin perform. I was there and he was amazing. He had choreographed Bruce Lee fight scenes with his brother and they were incredible intricate.

Realising Kevin was talented I offered him free places on dance courses that I ran at Lower park having moved headship. In the meantime I had spoken to Lynda Coles, Trafford’s Dance Coordinator and arranged for him to attend Trafford Youth dance.

Lynda would pick him up from school, give him his tea and return him at around 8.30pm. She did this cos she knew the family did not have the funds to support Kevin.

The story is picked up in Kevin’s TEDX talk at Univ of Lancaster. If you watch from 13 mins you will see how we met up again and achieved one of the best bits of creative work I’ve been involved in.

A kid from Partington, 1st class honours degree, toured the world, coped with bipolar, runs a very successful dance company and now a TED talk. Amazing.


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