Comments from former HMI to Ofsted’s response to Education Select Committee Report


Following the publication of Ofsted’s formal response to the Education Select Committee’s report on its work the group of former HMI who submitted evidence to the committee wish to make the following statement

‘‘We are saddened in what purports to be for Ofsted, a new era of openness and transparency with the naivety and lack of awareness on the impact of inspection.

The drawing up of a framework and preparation for inspection are just as important in driving up quality as inspections themselves, especially when reports are so simplistic. Consultants, National Leaders of Education, and trust leaders all play a role in helping schools improve by supporting how they respond to the guidance offered by an inspection framework.

While there may well be a few ‘rogue’ consultants, the former HMI and indeed HMCI responding to the select committee did so in the spirit of using our knowledge and experience to return inspection to being the children’s and learner’s advocate in an organisation dedicated to raising standards without fear or favour. This would result in published reports being valued, trusted and reliable.

Given the public views of the last but one chief inspector, suggestions that the current inspection model is far from perfect can hardly be controversial or disloyal.

 Following recent events, it is saddening if not insulting that Ofsted leaders are still trying to deflect criticism onto other people.”

 Adrian Lyons, Meena Wood, Peter Green, Frank Norris, Julie Price Grimshaw, Debbie Clinton




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